EU referendum - Remember to vote on 23rd June (polls open 7am-10pm)

Polls for the EU referendum will open tomorrow at 7am and will remain open until 10pm tonight.

Whether or not to stay in the European Union as a member country is one of the biggest decisions Scotland the UK will ever make. It will have huge implications for the UK as a whole and Scotland specifically.

Much has been talked about in the media about immigration of EU citizens to the UK but not a lot has been made of the fact that as a nation Scotland has a well established history of emigration. Throughout the ages Scots have looked to the outside world as an opportunity, we have travelled the world and settled in every corner of the globe as economic migrants.

The economic migrants from the EU are no different, they enrich Scotland and the UK by living here, working here and by contributing to our communities. Most of those who move here are young, healthy and motivated to work so do not use the NHS or benefits to the same degree. The taxes they pay in VAT, Income tax, National Insurance, etc contribute to the tax base which in turn pays for services, pensions and the NHS that a growing percentage of UK citizens rely on. Not only that but many EU migrants work in these very services, the NHS would struggle to function without the doctors, nurses and staff that have come to the UK from the EU.

I believe it is in Scotland's best interests to Remain in the EU and below are many more positive reasons why.

Why being in the EU is good for Scotland's economy

How the EU benefits young people

How the EU benefits women

How the EU benefits workers rights

How being in the EU benefits our environment

How the EU benefits Scotland's families