Myself and my office can help with any general query and matters reserved to Westminster but depending on whether the issue is reserved to the Scottish Parliament or should be dealt with locally by your local councillors other offices may be better placed to help. If you are unsure who should help you resolve your query please contact us and we will forward this on to the most appropriate body.

We have a list of organisations under local links which may be useful for information, contact details or if you are in need of direct help.

Areas of responsibility

UK Parliamentary Responsibility at Westminster (includes but not limited to)

  • benefits and social security
  • immigration
  • defence
  • foreign policy
  • employment
  • broadcasting
  • trade and industry
  • nuclear energy, oil, coal, gas and electricity
  • consumer rights
  • data protection
  • the Constitution

Scottish Parliamentary Responsibility at Holyrood (includes but not limited to)

  • agriculture, forestry and fisheries
  • education and training
  • environment
  • health and social services
  • housing
  • law and order
  • local government
  • sport and the arts
  • tourism and economic development
  • many aspects of transport