Alan Brown MP takes your privacy seriously. The office has reviewed its use of data to ensure that we are compliant with new Data Protection Regulations.  All staff have undertaken Data Protection training and will receive regular updates. You can read the full Privacy Notice here.

Data Use

Alan Brown MP’s office will only use the personal information provided by you to assist with your case and provide the support requested from you.

If you have provided explicit consent we will also keep you updated on the work of Alan Brown MP via a quarterly newsletter.

Data Storage

Alan Brown MP’s office aims to be paper free. As a result, any documents will be scanned and stored electronically. Information is stored in a secure database called Caseworker MP and through an encrypted system called Office 365. Any paperwork that is required for a short term basis will be kept in a locked cupboard before being returned to you or shredded.  You can read Caseworker MP's Service Privacy Policy here.