Fur Trade in the UK

I was shocked to hear the extent of real fur being sold in faux fur products on the UK High Street during the recent Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (EFRA) Committee evidence session.

I suspect that like me, many consumers would expect products containing real fur to be expensive – apparently that is not the case and many of the cheaper products and those with fur trims and embellishments are being mis-labelled as synthetic when in fact they contain real fur.

Consumers need to be able to fully trust the information on the product label, and retailers need to be fully aware of what is in the products they are selling to the public.

During the EFRA evidence I also learned about the stringent labelling processes and standards that are enforced in countries like the US and Switzerland. If countries like these can demand accurate labelling on their products then why not the UK?

Many people make their buying choices based on ethical and moral grounds and the idea that we are being misinformed due to technicalities like product label composition is despicable.

You can view the whole evidence gather session here.

EFRA Comittee Capture.PNG