Boris Appointed PM

Alan Brown MP has slammed Boris Johnson’s appointment as Prime Minister.

Last week, Tory Party members voted for Johnson to be new party leader and in effect the new Prime Minister of the UK.

Johnson defeated Jeremy Hunt in the leadership race by more than 46,000 votes – almost the amount of votes cast in favour of Hunt, 46,656.

And the MP for Kilmarnock and Loudoun has claimed the new PM has no mandate in Scotland.

Commenting, Mr Brown said: “It’s hardly a surprise the Tory party members have opted to elect Boris as their new leader and therefore in the door at Number 10, I do find it hard to accept.

“Scotland never voted for the Tories. We never voted for Brexit, and we certainly never voted for a hard Brexiteer into Downing Street.

“Less than 100,000 people voted to put him in charge of the entire UK, in other words he has the backing of 0.13% of the electorate – that’s some mandate! Bear in mind the SNP winning the 2016 Scottish Government election, 2017 Westminster election (in Scotland) and 2019 European elections (in Scotland) is no mandate for the people of Scotland to be given the opportunity to choose a different path.

“We know Johnson is populist politician and has no real true beliefs or ideals, he’d say or promise anything to win a vote -suddenly he is an arch unionist and cares for Scotland, despite previously displaying many anti-Scottish traits. It will be interesting to see if he proves us all wrong and calls for a general election. Remember he stated Gordon Brown had no mandate to govern the UK after he replaced Tony Blair back in 2007 and never called for a general election. Let’s see if he has any level of credibility about him at all…”