Small Business Saturday

Ahead of Small Business Saturday tomorrow I decided to visit some of the independent shops and businesses in Mauchline and Galston.

I know how difficult it can be for independent shops and small businesses to compete in a market that is increasingly dominated by the big players and online shopping.  However, I also know that buying from a locally owned business means the money is much more likely to stay in our community and benefit our local economy. 

That is why I want to take the opportunity to encourage the public to shop local whenever they can and to try and help ensure our local businesses prosper. 

Thank you to all the Mauchline and Galston business owners who took the time to meet with me and discuss areas where I could lend my support as their MP.  As the local MP I want to give my backing and support to the great work that small businesses deliver throughout the constituency.  Indeed it is small businesses like these that are the lifeblood helping deliver strength and vitality into all our towns and villages – please give them your support whenever possible.

Photos of the businesses I visited are below and I'll be posting updates about each visit on my social media over the day tomorrow.