Broon's goin Roon the Toon

I am running my first 10k on 12th June as part of the Roon the Toon in Kilmarnock and after meeting Kieran and Jack recently I have decided to raise money for Gain Charity (Guillain-Barre & Associated Inflammatory Neuropathies).

Kieran (10) has lived with this painful and debilitating condition for 2 years and is thankfully now fully recovered but still needs some support and regular 6 monthly check ups.. He and his cousin Jack are now determined to raise awareness of this rare syndrome and fundraise to help others suffering with Guillan-Barre and other debilitating conditions. 

Kieran's cousin Jack has been growing his hair for 2 years for another charity, The Little Princess Trust, but decided that he could raise money for GAIN at the same time through his JustGiving page to support his cousin. Soon Jack will be donating the money raised to GAIN and his hair will be donated as a wig to a little girl who has lost hers because of cancer treatment.

If you want to help me support Kieran you can visit and donate to my Roon the Toon fundraiser or alternatively you can visit Jack's on JustGiving