Pregnancy and Maternity Discrimination - #powertothebump

The Equality and Human Rights Commission has launched ‪#‎powertothebump‬ as part of their ongoing work to tackle pregnancy and maternity discrimination, a digital campaign to help young expectant and new mums understand and use their rights at work.

Their research shows that young mothers are significantly more likely to experience pregnancy and maternity discrimination, with six times as many under 25 year olds reporting being dismissed from their jobs after they tell their ...employer they are pregnant.

It is based on the insight and feedback that shows young women have lower awareness of their rights, were typically in less stable employment situations, and were worried or lacked confidence to talk to their manager about things that were troubling them – and so felt under pressure to hand in their notice or leave their job rather than raise these issues.

For further information and top tips for young mums please visit the Commission's website: