A Week in Parliament

So Boris has been anointed Prime Minister following him winning the Tory leadership vote. It will surprise no-one at all that I am neither impressed with him or the cabinet he has appointed. Make no mistake, this is the most right wing cabinet there has ever been. This is significant as Theresa May’s cabinet was more right wing than even Margaret Thatcher’s and now Boris has surpassed that immediately. He also made the biggest overnight cabinet change in history. Way beyond the levels of the “night of the long knives” referred to by commentators. Can anyone advise how getting rid of 18 cabinet Ministers can possibly bring any stability?. 13 of the 33 overall ministerial positions have went to complete newcomers, while even some of those retaining positions will now be cabinet attenders for the first time. These are all guys who have to get to grips with their new briefs, whilst still caught up in the Brexit madness.

It is a cabinet of the maddest Brexiteers possible. With the one exception of a previous Minister, Steve Baker who refused to take up a position. Whether that is because he has realised his limitations or because he is a coward who is all talk and bluster while avoiding having to take responsibility is only for him to know…

Then we have the mad Brexiteers – Priti Patel, Michael Gove, Jacob Rees-Mogg,  Dominic Raab, Esther McVey, Theresa Villiers to name but a few. All part of the Leave campaign lies, and also the Leave Campaign Director, Dominic Cummings is now the main advisor to Boris. Remember Vote Leave has been investigated and fined for basically cheating.

Other aspects of this cabinet – Priti Pratel when a Secretary of State for International Development was caught out holding secret meetings with the Israeli Government. Think what this freelancing means – there were no civil servants in the room; she was dealing with a foreign government with no control of what was going on in the meeting and worse still was obviously discussing matters outside her role and probably against the UK Government position or else it would have been officially planned meetings. So, she effectively breached UK Government security, and now as Home Secretary she is in charge of…security. What a choice!

Dominic Raab is the one who as Brexit secretary admitted he didn’t realise how important the cross channel trade was from Dover to Calais. Just the man to believe when it comes to suggestions that there will be no issues from a No Deal Brexit. With such in depth knowledge he is of course just right to be the Foreign Secretary!

For Scottish Secretary of State we have Alistair Jack. [or Alistair who? to most people]. He is someone who previously stated he doesn’t believe there shouldn’t be a Scottish Parliament and that is why he would never be an MSP. Just the man to stand up for Scotland then!

Boris Johnson was probably best summed up by a taxi driver who stated “Alan, you know I am not into politics or that, but I know one thing, Boris is a Buffoon!”. Enough said.

These views were first expressed in the Kilmarnock Standard.