A Week in Parliament

The Deal

At last we have a draft Brexit deal. Or we don’t actually as all the things that the UK haven’t been able to reach agreement is kicked into the transition period to be further agreed or fall apart again which is more likely. With only four additional cabinet resignations, then that seemed almost calm given that both wings of the Tory party hate the proposals.

I have heard a few people say they feel sorry for Teresa May because of the difficulties she has had to put up with and all the infighting. On a human level that is true. However, she was the one who called a general election when she didn’t need to and run the worst campaign ever. She is the one who triggered Article 50 without a plan. She is the one who created “red lines” that she couldn’t deliver on. She is the one who has kept her cabinet on a 50/50 split of extreme right wing Brexiteers and “soft” or remain MPs. She is the one who did a grubby deal with the DUP. She is the one responsible for the Windrush immigration scandal. She is the one not listening or caring about the effects of Tory policy and the hardships they are causing. Therefore, she does not have my sympathy as she has created the entire mess.

The effects of Tory Policies

While I can be politically bias when complaining about UK Tory Government policy, it is an eye opener when the UN Rapporteur, Professor Alton has said that he had encountered "misery”. That the policies are “cruel and misogynistic” and that UK Ministers “are in denial” about the scale of this misery. How damning does evidence need to be before the Tory Government changes some of their policies?

To Resign or Not

David Mundell, the Scottish Secretary threatened to resign if Northern Ireland got treated differently in the Brexit deal. They did and he didn’t resign, and now complains about the colleagues who did resign, as they are ignoring collective cabinet responsibility. I think it fair to say, any talk of resignation from him is all bluff, which doesn’t bode well for him being a strong representative for Scotland within the cabinet.

Stewarton Yuletide

As part of advance preparations for small business Saturday, I visited a number of businesses on Stewarton’s main street. It was thoroughly enjoyable, and all the shops were excited about the forthcoming Yuletide, Thursday 22nd November. With the shops all opening late as well, I recommend a visit to Stewarton – you will not be disappointed!

Kris Boyd

I was delighted to see Kris Boyd get a well-deserved testimonial with Killie. It is also fantastic he is donating any money he makes to his Scott Boyd foundation. The number of goals he has scored is incredible, and I have always thought it unfortunate he has played in some of the poorer Killie teams during his career. We can dream that he might yet end up with silverware at Killie under the tutelage of Steve Clarke.

These views were first expressed in the Kilmarnock Standard.