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Audiovisual information has been a part of public transport for many years. Trains and some buses show the destination, next stop and make announcements regularly so that all passengers are aware, not just the visually or hearing impaired, when they need to depart. For people that are visually or hearing impaired and are trying to access pubic transport this takes on a much greater level of importance as in many cases they rely on the driver or other passengers to let them know when their stop is. If they miss their stop it isn't just a hassle, it can be both distressing and dangerous not knowing where you are or how to get back.

Alan raised this issue in Parliament during PMQs and asked for the current Bus Services Bill to be amended to include a provision in legislation that all buses should have audiovisual information as standard in order to provide accessibility for all. 

RNIB Connect Radio Interview

After Prime Ministers Questions Alan Brown MP was invited on to RNIB Connect Radio to discuss with Chris Theobald from the GDBA the possibility of legislating for Talking Buses. You can listen to the interview on the player below.

WASPI - Women Against State Pension Inequality

I talk about the 1995 Act because it illustrates the seriousness of the predicament that many women face. They plan to retire at a certain age and work all their lives with that goal in mind, but at the last minute that is taken away from them and they are left with hard choices. Do they work longer, do they use their savings or do they use the pensions flexibilities to retire when they originally planned?
— Alan Brown MP

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